Handmade Native Abaca Bags – Embrace your Native Side

I had an opportunity to take a few shots(pardon my photography skills) of one of my friend handmade native bags and yes it’s also for sale in  our shop. Each bag is skilfully handcrafted and designed by her, and of course with the help of her people. There  is an increasing trend of using native raw material like abaca, and this is what makes the bag so special, unique and eco-friendly. Each colors have the power to spice up even an ordinary outfit for the day and it comes in variety of designs, shapes and colors which is perfect in any occasions. The handbags is made up of abaca with synthetic or leather trimmings and some wooden handles. Native bags may not have a label, but the quality  and creativeness of each bags would sure be equal to any of your designer label bags.

Native Abaca Bags - Stick Bag

Native Abaca Bags - Top Design Bag

Native Abaca Bags - Top Design BagNative Abaca Bags - Diagonal Bag

Sunset Native Abaca BagPili Bag

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