Native Abaca Round Bag – Beatrice Bag

We know that round bag this year is now a fresh new trend, so because of our clients request, we decided to make a handwoven abaca round bag as well. We’ve got a sense that this look will stick around for a while, unless square and triangle bags is on a move to get the highlights. 🙂

We’ve got a lot of lign up orders for this bag and we are still studying some raw materials to make a good round bag also. But let me say this to all of you who wants to get this bag, abaca handwoven is not easy to make. We don’t want to rush our artisans as it will really affect the quality of the bags. So for those of you who also want to be on trend, let’s be patience when waiting for your own handwoven round bag, when you have it, your patience will be all worth it.

Thank you for always supporting our abaca products, we will not be here for a long time if you guys are not there. From the bottom of our heart, we are so grateful to have you guys.



Oh Dahlia, My Dahlia!

We’ve been thinking of something patriotic on our next design, that’s why we’ve come with this Dahlia bag. Each bags comes with your favorite country flag. Like many nationsflags, the colors represent various pieces of the country’s history, now you can wear it with our dahlia abaca bag.

Germany inspired


Dahlia bag

Adorable Daisy Abaca Bag – Newest Collection

One of our artisan just had to take out her creativity on this new design. The two toned color would really just pop up on anyone’s outfit. Anyone can suggest and customize their own favorite color when they want to have this design. This cute adorable Daisy bag is made from the finest eco-friendly jute abaca fiber and top with a skeleton wood handle. You just gotta love these bags! 🙂



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Native Fashion Bag Trend: Berry Abaca Bags

Introducing the newest collection of native abaca bags  Berry bags! These bags will surely match perfectly on any summer outfits, from throwing on a simple outfit—jean shorts and a tee, or a basic dress. The most stand-out aspect of this collection is the bright colors.  The perfect way to add a pop of color to any boring outfit.






Best Beach Bags – Summer Collection Native Bags

We are so excited to present some of the designs on our summer collection! Summer is upon us, and it’s finally warm enough to head to the beach, to your boat on the lake, poolside or any place that’s great to relax and have fun. A beautiful, breezy day at the beach is, for some of us, an occasional summer treat, so to help you pack, we’ve gathered the best beach bag designs on our collection.

Enjoy these fun and fresh tropical colors of stylish weave abaca bags that will surely not compromise your fashion style and your wallet. The bags are remarkably roomy. It has plenty of space to fit everything you’ll need for a day at the beach or just a simple walk on a weekend.

So choose from any of these charming beach bags.

Maui – Abaca Bags

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Kenya – Abaca Bags

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Nairobi – Abaca Bags

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Handmade Native Abaca Bags – Embrace your Native Side

I had an opportunity to take a few shots(pardon my photography skills) of one of my friend handmade native bags and yes it’s also for sale in  our shop. Each bag is skilfully handcrafted and designed by her, and of course with the help of her people. There  is an increasing trend of using native raw material like abaca, and this is what makes the bag so special, unique and eco-friendly. Each colors have the power to spice up even an ordinary outfit for the day and it comes in variety of designs, shapes and colors which is perfect in any occasions. The handbags is made up of abaca with synthetic or leather trimmings and some wooden handles. Native bags may not have a label, but the quality  and creativeness of each bags would sure be equal to any of your designer label bags.

Native Abaca Bags - Stick Bag

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