Handmade Native Items

Click on the images for further details.

Keesha Coin Purse Php. 22.00

Keesha Coin Purse
Php. 18.00
Lenght: 4″
Width: 3″

Kelly Abaca Coin Purse Php. 20.00

Kelly Abaca Coin Purse
Php. 18.00
Height: 3.5″
Width: 4.5″

Daisy Wallet: Php. 44.00

Daisy Wallet:
Php. 35.00
Width: 9″
Height: 5″

Berry Wallet Php. 42.00

Berry Wallet
Php. 33.00
Width: 9″
Height: 5″

Vibrant Native Empanada Wallet
Php. 45.00 each


Clutch Empanada Dimension: Length- 11", Width- 5" Php. 135.00

Native Clutch Empanada
Php. 150.00 each


Native Abaca Lamp
Php. 250.00 each


Round Placemats Diameter: 16”
Php. 160.00


Width: 17 ½”
Php. 295.00


Abaca Hot Pad

Abaca Round Container
Diameter: 9″
Php. 220.00
Hot Pads – Php. 45.00


Abaca Pencil Holders

Assorted Abaca Pencil Holders
Php. 55.00

Assorted Abaca Tissue Holders
Php. 45.00



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