Native Beach Bags Perfect for Your Summer Getaway

Hit the beach with our wonderful collections of beach bags you could choose from. These bags will perfectly match any outfit you’ve been hiding on your closet for the summer season. You can pack your beach essentials in any of these vibrant beach bags designs.

These bags are all handmade using abaca jute or handweave abaca fiber, made by our local artisans. Each designs are carefully crafted combined with style and function. Have fun in finding your perfect summer beach bags!

Maui Abaca Bags


Cataleya Bag


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Adorable Daisy Abaca Bag – Newest Collection

One of our artisan just had to take out her creativity on this new design. The two toned color would really just pop up on anyone’s outfit. Anyone can suggest and customize their own favorite color when they want to have this design. This cute adorable Daisy bag is made from the finest eco-friendly jute abaca fiber and top with a skeleton wood handle. You just gotta love these bags! ๐Ÿ™‚



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Native Fashion Bag Trend: Berry Abaca Bags

Introducing the newest collection of native abaca bagsย โ€” Berry bags! These bags will surely match perfectly on any summer outfits, from throwing on a simple outfitโ€”jean shorts and a tee, or a basic dress. The most stand-out aspect of this collection is the bright colors.ย  The perfect way to add a pop of color to any boring outfit.






Best Beach Bags – Summer Collection Native Bags

We are so excited to present some of the designs on our summer collection! Summer is upon us, and it’s finally warm enough to head to the beach, to your boat on the lake, poolside or any place that’s great to relax and have fun. A beautiful, breezy day at the beach is, for some of us, an occasional summer treat, so to help you pack, we’ve gathered the best beach bag designs on our collection.

Enjoy these fun and fresh tropical colors of stylish weave abaca bags that will surely not compromise your fashion style and your wallet. The bags are remarkably roomy. It has plenty of space to fit everything you’ll need for a day at the beach or just a simple walk on a weekend.

So choose from any of these charming beach bags.

Maui – Abaca Bags

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Kenya – Abaca Bags

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Nairobi – Abaca Bags

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Funky and Retro Pili Bag

Get to know our newest design of Pili bag! This bag can be perfect accessory for a simple night out or even on your girl’s day out. We made it a bit funkier by adding some accents at the center.


But if you want a more plain handbag, you can stick with our previous design. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tote Bag for Shopping – We Adore

Say hello to our new handmade bag, a simple style for your everyday look. This bag is built to carry large and heavy load which is great to carry along on your shopping day.ย  Made up of strong and high quality upholstery fabric and soft German leather for accent, we have made a simple yet practical and fashionable style of bag. Hope you like it!:)


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