Oh Dahlia, My Dahlia!

We’ve been thinking of something patriotic on our next design, that’s why we’ve come with this Dahlia bag. Each bags comes with your favorite country flag. Like many nationsflags, the colors represent various pieces of the country’s history, now you can wear it with our dahlia abaca bag.

Germany inspired


Dahlia bag


Native Beach Bags Perfect for Your Summer Getaway

Hit the beach with our wonderful collections of beach bags you could choose from. These bags will perfectly match any outfit you’ve been hiding on your closet for the summer season. You can pack your beach essentials in any of these vibrant beach bags designs.

These bags are all handmade using abaca jute or handweave abaca fiber, made by our local artisans. Each designs are carefully crafted combined with style and function. Have fun in finding your perfect summer beach bags!

Maui Abaca Bags


Cataleya Bag


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