Classy Katrina Clutch Bag

Say hello to our stylish, functional and affordable cross-body clutch bags. The designs were suggested by my friend Kath, she wanted a classy shoulder or a cross-body bag that she can use at her work preferably not too big, so we tried making one for her hoping that she will like it, and voila! This bag looks good in whatever you are are wearing, may it be casual or formal. These eye catching clutches can be use in different ways, messenger, shoulder bag, and clutch bag w/ detachable straps. Since my friend Kathy suggested this design, we named this bag Katrina as a simple thank you for her design. Now everyone can have these chic and vibrant clutch bag!Katrina Clutch Bag

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Fold Over Clutch Bags

Catch the newest andย  cool designs of fold over leather and fabric clutch bags from our shop, a perfect gift for someone special. I’ve been eyeing clutch bags with leather accent and bright colors like this and was actually happy with the outcome of the designs. There are four ways to wear it, can be shoulder bags, crossbody or hand clutch. Made from beautiful, soft and sturdy leather, which can last for years. Enjoy!:)Foldover Clutch Bags

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