Vibrant Native Hot Pads


Add some fun on your kitchen and tables with these vibrant native hotpads! These are all handwoven with love by our native artisans, made from abaca fiber.

Perfect to add enjoyment on your table when you display your meals, at the same time protecting your table tops from hot items.

You can also pair it with our round containers which is a perfect gift idea!


Abaca Laundry Basket for Stylish Homes

If your one of those mom’s who’s tired of seeing your kids room being taking over by their dirty laundry on the floor then a laundry basket seems to be the perfect solution. You can keep their dirty clothes in one single place, but if you want both practical and stylish, then check out our native abaca laundry basket.

This product is handwoven by our artisans, made of high quality abaca fiber. Anyone can suggest colors if they want to try a new shade.

Funky and Retro Pili Bag

Get to know our newest design of Pili bag! This bag can be perfect accessory for a simple night out or even on your girl’s day out. We made it a bit funkier by adding some accents at the center.


But if you want a more plain handbag, you can stick with our previous design. πŸ™‚

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