Native Abaca Round Bag – Beatrice Bag

We know that round bag this year is now a fresh new trend, so because of our clients request, we decided to make a handwoven abaca round bag as well. We’ve got a sense that this look will stick around for a while, unless square and triangle bags is on a move to get the highlights. πŸ™‚

We’ve got a lot of lign up orders for this bag and we are still studying some raw materials to make a good round bag also. But let me say this to all of you who wants to get this bag, abaca handwoven is not easy to make. We don’t want to rush our artisans as it will really affect the quality of the bags. So for those of you who also want to be on trend, let’s be patience when waiting for your own handwoven round bag, when you have it, your patience will be all worth it.

Thank you for always supporting our abaca products, we will not be here for a long time if you guys are not there. From the bottom of our heart, we are so grateful to have you guys.



Handwoven Native Abaca Condiments Cotainer




This condiments container is perfect for storing all your ingredients in the kitchen. You can choose your preffered colors that will match your kitchen style. It has a frame that will keep the quality last for years. This container is handwoven by our artisans in a small community. Grab yours now!

Vibrant Native Hot Pads


Add some fun on your kitchen and tables with these vibrant native hotpads! These are all handwoven with love by our native artisans, made from abaca fiber.

Perfect to add enjoyment on your table when you display your meals, at the same time protecting your table tops from hot items.

You can also pair it with our round containers which is a perfect gift idea!

Native Abaca Indoor Lamp

Light up your home just the way you want it with these beautiful and vibrant export-quality native abaca lamps. These are made of abaca fiber molded by our artisans to set a beautiful ambiance in any room. Great for adding a touch of style to any living space. It is made up with a traditional natural material – Abaca, which is ideal for home decorating in eco style.

Native Abaca Lamps

Abaca Laundry Basket for Stylish Homes

If your one of those mom’s who’s tired of seeing your kids room being taking over by their dirty laundry on the floor then a laundry basket seems to be the perfect solution. You can keep their dirty clothes in one single place, but if you want both practical and stylish, then check out our native abaca laundry basket.

This product is handwoven by our artisans, made of high quality abaca fiber. Anyone can suggest colors if they want to try a new shade.

Native Beach Bags Perfect for Your Summer Getaway

Hit the beach with our wonderful collections of beach bags you could choose from. These bags will perfectly match any outfit you’ve been hiding on your closet for the summer season. You can pack your beach essentials in any of these vibrant beach bags designs.

These bags are all handmade using abaca jute or handweave abaca fiber, made by our local artisans. Each designs are carefully crafted combined with style and function. Have fun in finding your perfect summer beach bags!

Maui Abaca Bags


Cataleya Bag


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